The steep vertical climb up Huayna Picchu has reportedly killed dozens of hikers.
Climbing Stairs in Machu Picchu
Credit: Getty Images

For some tourists, just visiting Machu Picchu and capturing the perfect shot isn’t enough. No, they have to go even higher for a bird’s eye view of the famous ruins by climbing Huayna Picchu, the perilously steep mountain located directly behind the ancient site.

Only 400 tickets are available daily for the two-hour climb up the steep stone staircase that has earned the nickname “The Stairs of Death.”

According to one blogger: “After your first meters, it will soon become apparent why exactly they are called stairs of death. The roughly hewn stones follow an incline of 60 percent and more. They are so steep, it feels more like climbing a ladder. Looking to one side will offer a beautiful view on the near vertical drop and the valley below. Scary like hell! At times they will be quite crowded, they will be narrow, but if you take your time you will be just fine."

Don't take his word for it though (you couldn’t pay us to risk our precious lives). Instead, watch this video. Then read How to Travel to Machu Picchu.