In South Australia, the Aqua Sub takes you underwater to see sharks in their natural habitat. 

By Alex Schechter
Updated: January 21, 2017
Courtesy of Adventure Bay Charters

There aren’t too many parts of the world where you can observe a 19-foot Great White in its natural habitat—and even fewer where you can stay dry while doing so. Adventure Bay Charters, a Port Lincoln-based operator, allows you to do just that, with its six-seat Aqua Sub—a glass-windowed pod that sits four feet below the water surface—fastened to the back of a yacht. Seasickness can be an issue, so bring tablets.

The full-day itinerary takes guests to the Neptune Islands, 70 kilometers off the South Australian coast, where a breeding site of New Zealand fur seals offers regular sustenance for the toothy predators. The sharks are drawn to the pod by low-frequency sounds, before receding into the murky depths, their curiosity satisfied ($321 per person). 

Getting There

Most Australian itineraries begin in Sydney and Melbourne, but fast-emerging Adelaide (served by nonstop flights from Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong) is an ideal home base for outdoor experiences. From Adelaide, it’s a 30-minute flight to Port Lincoln.