Courtesy of Adventure Bay Charters

In South Australia, the Aqua Sub takes you underwater to see sharks in their natural habitat. 

Alex Schechter
December 16, 2016

There aren’t too many parts of the world where you can observe a 19-foot Great White in its natural habitat—and even fewer where you can stay dry while doing so. Adventure Bay Charters, a Port Lincoln-based operator, allows you to do just that, with its six-seat Aqua Sub—a glass-windowed pod that sits four feet below the water surface—fastened to the back of a yacht. Seasickness can be an issue, so bring tablets.

The full-day itinerary takes guests to the Neptune Islands, 70 kilometers off the South Australian coast, where a breeding site of New Zealand fur seals offers regular sustenance for the toothy predators. The sharks are drawn to the pod by low-frequency sounds, before receding into the murky depths, their curiosity satisfied ($321 per person). 

Getting There

Most Australian itineraries begin in Sydney and Melbourne, but fast-emerging Adelaide (served by nonstop flights from Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong) is an ideal home base for outdoor experiences. From Adelaide, it’s a 30-minute flight to Port Lincoln.

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