The selfie: Like the still-life painting of yore, it has become a permanent fixture of the social media—and even artistic—landscape of the 21st century. Seemingly everyone online—from President Barack Obama to pop star Taylor Swift—has been swept up in the phenomenon of snapping pictures of one's self and posting them online.

One Russian woman is looking to take it to the next level. With more than 157,000 followers and counting, Angela Nikolau has blazed the trail of daredevil selfies and looked to reach new heights (pun intended) with a wild video posted by Travel Ticker on Monday, climbing the tallest construction site in the world.

Slated to be 117 stories, or nearly 2,000-feet high, Goldin Finance 117 is a skyscraper construction in Tianjin, China. Nikolau posted video of herself and a friend scaling parts of the construction Monday, even climbing through what appeared to be a crane on the top of the building.

Photographed either by friends or using her selfie stick, Nikolau summits skyscrapers, bridges and all manner of fear-inducing constructions, often sunbathing or dancing on the edge of a deadly drop.

Little is known about Nikolau, whose Instragram bio reads only “No limit, no control.”

The trend of taking dangerous selfies has become something of a fad in Russia, where the government began a public-service campaign warning of the dangers of thrill-seeking selfies. More than 10 people in the country died while attempting to take photos on their smartphones in 2015 alone.

Two of the most infamous cases involved a person who was killed while taking a picture with a loaded gun to her head, and another who died snapping a picture while lying on train tracks.

“We would like to remind the citizens that the chase for ‘likes’ in social networks can lead to the road of death,” Russian official Yelena Alekseyeva said at a press conference when the government began its pubic service campaign last year.