Rock Climbing Road Trip
Credit: Getty Images

Driving across the United States and taking in the majestic landscapes is the stuff many a novel—and daydream—are made of.

The country's geography is so varied that no two road trips are exactly the same: There are thousands of different itineraries to choose from. Travelers can cross the country in search of the best fried foods or beautiful scenery—or even the best rock-climbing spots from coast to coast.

Using data from and Google Maps API, data scientist Michael Skaug put together a guide to the best rock-climbing road trips in the country.

There's an itinerary for each major region of the country: the northwest, west, central, southeast and northeast regions of the country.

Skaug then put the top 10 destinations for each part of the country into Google Maps, which created an optimized itinerary and driving route. The stops were determined by popularity and number of routes available. Information about each stop, including style—trad versus boulder versus rock percentages—peak season and number of routes are readily available on the map.

Those itching for a good climb and a long drive no longer have any excuse: The trip has already been planned. All that’s left to do is pack the bags and start climbing.