Snap away if you dare!

Dangerous walkway at top of holy Mount Hua Shan, China
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Kim Kardashian may post some pretty shocking selfies, but some snappers are taking the meaning of a daring pic to a whole new level. Whether it’s climbing to the edge of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or swimming with wild animals, the nerve-racking lengths some photographers go to for the perfect picture is downright crazy. And one of the most terrifying places to try a selfie is Mount Hua in China.

Visitors are taking selfies from what can only be described a plank of wood perched on the side of a 7,087-foot-high cliff. Daredevils hold on for dear life (with a safety harness) as they pose for that perfect picture. The mountain is one of five sacred peaks in the Shaanxi province and boasts incredible views and a clifftop tea house.

While the paths have been reinforced because of the number of visiting tourists, the walk is known for being dangerous. It's unclear if anyone has ever actually taken a deadly plunge; no official stats have been kept about accidents, but some say the number is about 100.

Whether people have died or not, what is clear is that “walking the plank” is a crazy, dangerous way to take a selfie.