Grab your paddles.

By Andrea Romano
August 17, 2017

Taking a kayak with you wherever you want to go can be tricky. While you might find some nearby places with rental boats, you may not always be able to paddle close to home.

And storing a long kayak can be nearly impossible, especially for city dwellers.

But one company that recently made 128 percent of its Kickstarter campaign goal has a solution for serious kayakers who want to just pick up and go.

Pakayak is one of the few modular kayaks on the market. The simple design allows you to disassemble and pack a 14-foot kayak into a three-and-half-foot backpack or rolling suitcase.

Courtesy of Pakayak

The company states that it can be assembled in less than five minutes. You can even check it on a flight for even more adventure.

Courtesy of Pakayak

The light and convenient design is perfect for hardcore kayakers who are willing to splurge on quality gear. Each kayak is available for pre-order on the company’s website at a whopping $1,695 per kayak.

Courtesy of Pakayak

Pakayak is one of a few travel-friendly kayaks on the market. Another design, which actually folds the kayak into an easy, carriable backpack, can be purchased for $1,110 to $2,120.

Paddling around the world has never been easier.