Zipline Utah might be the closest you'll ever get to actually flying — all airplanes and skydiving aside, of course. This zipline is the longest one in the country, but it also takes the title of longest zipline over water in the entire world.

The course is made up of 10 lines and spans a total of two miles. After climbing the 80-foot tower to kick off your ride through the sky, you won't touch the ground again until you've completed the entire course. All in all, you're going to climb more than 400 stairs, cross seven aerial bridges, and fly more than 3,900 feet across the Screaming Falcon line, which is the course's namesake record holder for the longest zipline that travels over water in the world.

Travel community website Weekend Voyagers provided an incredibly detailed account of an experience on the lines, just in case you're wondering what it really feels like to fly over Utah's Deer Creek Lake with a view of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

The entire course is controlled by hand-braking, meaning you're completely in control of your speed as you fly across the water. For more information on the different zipline packages and pricing, head to the Zipline Utah website.