JAWS 40th Anniversary: Shark
Credit: Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

Tomorrow marks 40 years since the world first witnessed the blood-curdling opening scene of Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster thriller, Jaws—a clip made even more terrifying by the now-iconic, John Williams–composed theme song. Film, shark, ocean, and diving enthusiasts alike: prepare for the ultimate thrill on Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions’ JAWS 40th Anniversary Tour.

Departing from Port Lincoln, South Australia, the four-day tour sails around the shark-infested waters of the Neptune Islands. On the itinerary? For daredevils, surface cage diving with great whites. For qualified SCUBA divers, the chance to jump into the world’s only ocean-floor cage.

JAWS 40th Anniversary: View
Credit: Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

Sure, there are calmer exploits: sailing by tender boat to see New Zealand Fur Seals, hiking the rocky Neptune Islands, catching some rays on the boat deck. All the while, guests will be treated to some pretty engaging stories from the host, famed shark attack survivor and filmmaker Rodney Fox, who recorded live-action shark sequences along the South Australian coast with the blockbuster’s second filming unit. But the best stories to bring home lie beneath the water’s surface, where chance encounters with the open-mouthed predators await. If you dare. First tour departs September 17, 2015; from $1,550.

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