The World's Biggest Trampoline Arena Is Opening in Scotland

Trampoline Park
Photo: Whitney Hayward/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

If you're looking to spend a day jumping into pits of foam and doing blackflips with complete strangers, head to Scotland.

Rutherglen, about a 10-minute drive from Glasgow, is opening the world's largest trampoline area on April 11. Not only will it have the expected trampoline floors and pits of foam, but it will also be home to the country's first-ever Ninja Warrior course.

The space covers about 63,000 square feet, and will feature a parkour space, an area specifically for jumpers under the age of seven, and a sports bar.

In an interview with Daily Record, Flip Out Glasgow General Manager George Gallacher spoke about the popularity of trampolines in the area: “Flip Out is all about fun obviously but the health benefits are a welcome side effect with just an hour of bouncing burning up to 800 calories — the same amount as you’d burn in a spin class.”

Aside from the open jumping time, Flip Out Glasgow offers a bunch of classes: Little Ninjas, Flip Fit, Mini Flippers, After Dark.

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