But you’ll have to fly a specific airline to get there.

By Hillary Maglin
October 03, 2019
VistaJet World Volcano Expedition
Credit: Courtesy of Based on a True Story

Beach vacations, camping getaways, and weekend road trips are perfect for a little rest and relaxation, but if you’re one for adventure, such simple excursions might not offer the type of thrill you crave.

But a journey to secluded volcanic islands on a private jet? Now that’s a trip worth taking the time off work. And thanks to private charter jet company VistaJet, you’re now one big step closer to the action-packed, lava-fueled escapade of your dreams.

VistaJet World Volcano Expedition
Credit: Courtesy of VistaJet

Beginning this fall, travelers can embark on a variety of first-of-their-kind luxury trips curated as part of VistaJet’s newest program, VistaJet World. One of the most daring new trips takes guests to a remote string of Pacific islands called Vanuatu, where thrill-seekers will become some of the first people on Earth to camp on the inside of an active volcano known as The Son of Benbow.

With experts as their guide, the campers will also capture some of the world’s first footage of the boiling lava lake inside the mountain’s crater. Concerned about sleeping in such close proximity to molten rock? No need to worry — the campsite sits more than 100 feet above the churning magma below.

After the unforgettable expedition, guests are invited to unwind on different parts of the islands through diving, watersports, and activities with the native Ni-Vanuatu people. VistaJet travelers on a break from their volcano trek may get to witness traditional Ni-Vanuatu storytelling, song, and dance.

The volcano-scaling adventure and a lineup of other exhilarating journeys around the world are available exclusively to VistaJet members. You can sign up at vistajet.com to start flying private around the world.