From the "Best Job in the World" to the "Best Life in the World," this couple have turned adventure travel into a lifestyle.

By Raisa Bruner
February 14, 2017

Back in 2009, British charity fundraiser Ben Southall bested over 35,000 other applicants to win the so-called “Best Job in the World”: acting as caretaker of Hamilton Island in Australia's idyllic Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef.

There, Southall was responsible for promoting the area as a tourist destination for six months, ditching his old life to seize the adventure of discovering what the Whitsundays had to offer and documenting it publicly for potential visitors. (He was also given a substantial stipend, residence in a villa, and access to all of the region's tourist activities and transportation.)

Simon J. Baker/Getty Images

But after it was over, Southall didn't close the chapter on having the very best career. Instead, he remained in Australia as an ambassador for tourism. He even met his wife, a fellow blogger and adventurer named Sophee, at a tourism event. Together, they decided to turn their travel savvy into a joint career path.

They launched "Best Life in the World," a website that tracks their journeys and helps them pay the bills.

Eddie Safarik/Tourism Australia via Getty Images

In 2015, they undertook a 55,000 kilometer journey from Singapore to London in a yellow Land Rover. Now, Sophee is currently longboarding 1,000 miles around Tasmania to raise money for a mental health non-profit.


Looks like they've figured out a way to parlay adventure travel into a lifelong career.