This Maldives Resort Hosts an Overnight Shipwreck Adventure — and It's Just for Kids

It’s the adventure your kids didn’t know they needed.

Kids sitting on end of boat docked on a white sand beach in the Maldives
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Have you ever had the urge to ship your kids off to a deserted island for a few days? No need to lie; we know you have. Well, now you can — but in style.

At the ultra-high-end Maldives resort Soneva Fushi, the Adventure of the Corbin course will take kids aged 12 to 15 to an uninhabited island to live like shipwrecked sailors in an imaginative (and completely safe) crash-course in survival.

The world's leader in sustainable luxury, Soneva, has launched Soneva Academy. At both Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, they offer five different courses ranging from Marine Life of the Maldives to Zero Waste and Plastic Pollution to The Adventure of The Corbin. "At Soneva, our core philosophy is to educate our guests on how to take care of the environment in which we live," says Bart Knols, managing director for science and conservation at Soneva Fushi.

This kids-only trip to a beautiful white sand beach isn't a sequel to "Castaway," it's the stuff of childhood dreams. Starting at Soneva Fushi, the group of newly formed survival buddies will spend the first night learning about the Maldives' varied marine life and ancient island culture while playing games and eating barbecue on nearby Turtle Beach.

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The next day, the adventure really begins, starting with a speedboat ride to Innafushi, an uninhabited island near where the French vessel The Adventure of the Corbin was shipwrecked off the Goidhoo Atoll's reef in 1602. Once the group steps foot onto this screensaver stretch of sand, it's time to learn the necessary skills for sustaining life on a deserted island.

Knols will teach the kids how to pitch the tent they'll sleep in for the next two nights, dig a bush toilet, and catch a fish for lunch. "Our Adventure of the Corbin experience enables the next generation of Sonevians to understand and learn not only about the history behind the Corbin, but it teaches them life skills in a fun and engaging way to capture their imagination," says Knols.

This includes becoming a steward to the sea, learning about the ever-changing tides and currents while also navigating via the night stars. "The course is very hands-on, and we encourage the children to ask questions, '' says Knols. "Most importantly, we want to give them the desire to learn about the local Maldivian culture and marine life, which is the life-blood of the Maldives." There's also plenty of time for beach games, exploring the small island, and bedtime stories from the diary of the Corbin ship's actual navigator.

By day three, the teens become full-blown explorers with a snorkel trip to the namesake Corbin shipwreck, where they can search for the lost treasure amongst the wreckage. A second snorkel spot, the Rose Garden, is one of the best places in the atolls to watch the islands' colorful marine life float by. At night, everyone will gather around and learn how to play the Maldivian Boduberu, or "big drums,'' from nearby local islanders.

With sand-filled hair and sun-kissed skin, the group is "rescued" from the island and taken back to Soneva Fushi to be reunited with parents and retell their stories of survival.

After a much-needed hot shower and a nap inside Soneva's plush villas, each child will produce a video for their family from the GoPro footage they've captured throughout their harrowing adventure. At a screening night for the families, each participant will receive a certificate for completing the course and spending a few nights stranded on a tropical paradise.

The Adventure of the Corbin starts at USD $1,500+ fully inclusive (including the food they didn't catch) for a speedboat or USD $2,500+ for Soneva's yacht, Soneva in Aqua.

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