Because you came to see the monuments, not the dozens of tourists around them.

By Samantha Shankman
October 12, 2015
adobe software tool
Credit: Vanni Bassetti / Getty Images

Every traveler knows that a great shot can easily be ruined by an errant tourist, car, or selfie stick.

Now, Adobe wants to help photographers wipe tourists out of their pictures for good. The U.S. software company last week revealed a new feature that detects moving objects and removes them so only stationary items—the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center—remain. You can see your photos in this so-called Monument Mode immediately after taking them

The technology hasn’t been released yet, but shutterbugs can get the same effect manually by shooting several bursts of photos of a scene, and then doing some light editing work to layer the images so only the constant elements remain.