By Katrina Brown Hunt
February 25, 2013

Now arriving in Terminal 1: The bride.

The destination wedding—having your family and friends trek to an island or foreign country for your nuptials—has become a staple of the wedding industry. But for the bride- and groom-to-be that can't commit to just one destination, Frankfurt has a new suggestion: Throw the party at the airport.

As part of its "Great to Have You Here!" campaign, Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is now inviting travelers to get married in the terminal, as a convenient springboard for honeymoons. Indeed, it may be a nice lure for wedding guests, too. Your friends and family can fly into FRA just long enough to toast the happy couple, do the chicken dance and then catch a connecting flight to Prague.

The details: For 1,500 euros, you get a non-denominational ceremony, a reception with food and cake for 15, and an overnight stay for the bride and groom in a suite at the airport's Sheraton or Hilton hotels. A professional wedding planner will also hook you up with the florist, bakers and hair-and-makeup pros.

The icing on the cake? You get a photo shoot, too, with either aircraft in the background or some other special airport location that you choose. (Bad news: There's no Cinnabon.)

And why just stop at your wedding? Once you’ve started a family, bring everyone back at FRA; according to the airport’s site, they also do kids' birthday parties, complete with airport tours and a stop at McDonald's.