Ever craved a deep-fried crab claw while lounging in your Hong Kong hotel? Now the Peninsula chain (800/745-8883; is bringing the street to the suite, delivering local pushcart favorites right to your room. Try hot-and-sour soup in Beijing, beef salad in Bangkok, or halo-halo harana (a shaved-ice dessert) in Manila—without ever hitting the pavement. Meanwhile, following the lead of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Spice Market in New York, American restaurants are interpreting global street eats. Steven Zobel serves his take on Brazilian snacks like avocado-fruit shakes at Zozo's (172 Orchard St., New York; 212/228-0009; dinner for two $35), while Jason Edwards's cumin-and-clove-scented meatballs at Maroc (1725 Haight St., San Francisco; 415/387-8845; dinner for two $30) bring the souk to the Bay.