We globetrotters (and footwear lovers) know one of the great packing challenges is trying to squeeze that last pair of shoes—the sneakers—into a full suitcase next to the three pairs of heels we swear we can’t leave behind.

Fairmont is stepping up to the challenge, having acquired more than 5,000 pairs of sneakers across all 56 hotels from Boston to Bermuda, as part of its increasingly popular "Fairmont Fit" program.

Request your shoe size while making a reservation, and voilà: a pair of sporty Adidas kicks awaits you in your guest room upon arriving. (They're cleaned after each use, and are replaced every season.) The catch: you’ll need to become a Fairmont President’s Club loyalty program member (free), and pay $10 per stay to use Fairmont Fit unless you have Platinum status (five visits or 10 room nights per year). In that case, be sure to take advantage of the other program benefits: workout t-shirts and shorts (and cute black capris for women), an MP3 player loaded with 1,000 songs, and printable maps of local jogging routes.

With all this extra space in the suitcase, perhaps there’s room for one more pair of heels, then?

Jennifer Flowers is an assistant editor at Travel + Leisure.