By Rachel Felder
July 17, 2014

Fashion equals function for Sebastian Kaufmann, purveyor of utilitarian chic.

When it comes to style on the go, “quality is the number one criterion” for Sebastian Kaufmann, founder of practical-but-polished e-commerce site Kaufmann Mercantile and a self-described minimalist. After all, there isn’t a lot of extra baggage room for the New York–based man on the move, who often jets to the West Coast for work, to his native Germany to see friends and family, and to Costa Rica and Majorca for R&R. His wardrobe—a collection of durable mix-and-match staples—fits a nomadic lifestyle. Unfussy basics, such as a classic Hanes T-shirt ($24 for three) and comfortable jeans from Tellason ($220), pair well with rugged Wolverine boots ($295) and a Seil Marschall canvas bag ($359), which imposes packing restraint. A lightweight blazer, like this one from Rag & Bone ($495), is a must. “It feels good to have an inside pocket for my passport.” As for traveling itself? Kaufmann chooses to be less than fully prepared. “I’m totally anti-itinerary,” he admits, preferring to wander. “If I find five good stores that I like, I’m happy.”