By Jacqueline Gifford
July 08, 2014

There’s no shortage of five-star hotels here in Manhattan. Five-star hotels with top-notch spas—now, that’s another story. The Four Seasons New Yorkrecently upped its game with a complete design overhaul, replacing the crammed check-in area with a warm, silver-and-chocolate-toned lobby that feels both spacious and inviting.

Also new: a partnership with L. Raphael, the premium Swiss skin-care brand that specializes in oxygen and anti-aging treatments. One of the signature facials is the Oxy-Peel, which blasts skin with a concentrated stream of oxygen and L. Raphael’s patented LEC 40 complex (it contains lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega three fatty acids). And I mean blasted in the best way possible: the Oxy-Peel takes your typical oxygen facial to a whole new level, allowing ingredients to penetrate the skin with maximum efficacy. (If this feels like a jet, the pressure delivered by other oxygen facials, in comparison, is a trickle.) The results? My skin had a youthful glow that lasted for several days—and zero breakouts.

The Verdict: We love the quiet space and the welcoming staff. The fact that there are ten treatment rooms—even one for couples—feels positively decadent by city spa standards. Also Book: The Anti-Jet Lag Massage or the Dead Sea Body Scrub.

Jacqueline Gifford is the Senior Editor, Travel & Beauty at T+L. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @jacquigiff