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9 Incredible Pop Culture-themed Airbnbs — From 'Harry Potter' Villas to 'Game of Thrones' Apartments

You can now vacation in the worlds of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Ever dreamt of staying the night in Hobbiton, the town from "The Hobbit?" What about a "Game of Thrones" suite? Surely you've fantasized about kicking back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, right? Well, thanks to Airbnb, now you can... sort of.

From Los Angeles to London, movie- and TV-themed digs are catching on, and many of the homeowners are pulling out all the stops to create truly immersive pop culture experiences. So whether you fancy nostalgic 90s-themed houses, jungle-y "Pirates of the Caribbean" bungalows, or double-decker tour buses dedicated to the movie "Spice World," your next getaway is sure to be cinematic.

Here are the ten best pop culture-themed Airbnbs for rent right now.

Twelve Parsecs 'Star Wars' Villa

Star Wars Twelve Parsecs Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

If you happen to come from a big, "Star Wars"-loving family, then you're in luck — this huge, "Twelve Parsecs" home in Orlando sleeps 16! Think of it as an extension of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios, as the park is just 15 minutes away by car.

To book:, $475/night

Underground Hygge 'Hobbit' Earth House

Underground Hygge Hobbit Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

This quaint cottage in Orondo, Washington is straight out of the "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" films, and it's even more impressive on the inside. After you've gotten over the gorgeous mountain view through the circular door and windows, curl up next to the fireplace and indulge in a cozy game of chess on a tree stump-turned-table.

To book:, $400/night

'Game of Thrones' Apartment

Game of Thrones Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

With a little help from this ultra-realistic "Game of Thrones" apartment in Lexington, Kentucky, you can live like the king of the Seven Kingdoms — for a few days, at least. Adorned with armor decor, dragon eggs, and the series' signature phrase, "Winter is Coming" etched into a kitchen cabinet, this Airbnb is perfect for any Thronie.

To book:, $173/night

Saved by the 90s House aka 'The Slater'

The Slater 90s themed Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Take a step back in time with this 90s-themed house in Dallas! The colors, patterns, and geometric shapes of the furniture and decor will take you right back to the days of Tamagotchis and cassette tapes. Book a stay to post up like the "Saved by the Bell" kids and enjoy some retro video games and VHS movies.

To book:, $186/night

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Cottage

Pirates of the Caribbean Cottage Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Channel Captain Jack Sparrow at this home in Topanga Canyon, California! Explore a treasure trove of mystical island vibes in the backyard and sleep in a beachy bungalow each night. Looking to do some sightseeing? Santa Monica, Malibu, and Hollywood are all a short drive away.

To book:, $198/night

The Original Spice Bus From 'Spice World'

Spice Girls Spice Bus Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Slam it to the left! And by that, we mean head to the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England to visit the bus used in the filming of "Spice World" (yes, the bus Posh Spice famously used to jump Tower Bridge). The roomy bus, which has had a fun interior makeover since filming, sleeps three and features plenty of Spice Girls relics to snap photos with.

To book:, $258/night

Wizarding 'Harry Potter' Villa

Wizarding Harry Potter Villa Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Planning a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando? Up the ante by booking a stay at this magical nearby villa! The home is packed with mementos any Potterhead would adore, from a realistic Golden Snitch to a wall of portraits reminiscent of Hogwarts' Grand Staircase. Top off your trip by kicking back on a dragon-shaped raft in the villa's indoor pool.

To book:, $292/night

Back to the 80s House aka 'The McFly'

The McFly 80s themed Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Have you ever wished you could live out classic 80s films like "Back to the Future" or "The Breakfast Club?" Whether you have or not, this quirky 80s-themed home in Dallas, aptly named "The McFly," is worth a visit. Experience the bright hues and styles of the decade, as well as old school cereals and video games.

To book:, $143/night

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