By Maryam Montague
November 14, 2014
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Best Moroccan Cooking Schools in Marrakesh
Credit: Courtesy Faim d'Epices

In order to really know a country, you need to know its food, and that’s definitely true when it comes to Morocco. Moroccan dishes are so flavorful and hearty that you’ll find yourself asking for seconds or even thirds (ahem, no wonder I’m 10 pounds overweight from living here). But don’t just enjoy your Moroccan meals–learn how to make a signature dish or two and you’ll leave the country with the best kind of souvenir. Marrakesh makes learning how to cook particularly easy, as there are multiple cooking schools on offer. Most schools offer market tours to start the class, where you’ll learn about and purchase ingredients, from spices to chicken. Then, depending on the school, you’ll make a Moroccan dish or a complete meal before sitting down to enjoy it. You’ll never make instant couscous again. Here are some great options for learning how to cook in Marrakesh.

Dar Les Cigones

Daily Moroccan cooking classes are offered at this boutique hotel. The market tour is a hoot, and there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can cook—such as bread making, pastry making, or how to make yogurt. I highly recommend it for beginning and expert cooks alike.

Souk Cuisine

Run by Gemma, a passionate expat, this is a very fun Moroccan cooking-lesson option. You’ll spend one pleasurable hour wandering the medina and purchasing ingredients before delving into the actual guided cooking at Gemma’s riad. Note that tasks are divvyed up, so you won’t learn a complete menu.

La Maison Arabe

The legendary restaurant at La Maison Arabe offers somewhat formulaic cooking workshops, but they're good for the home cook who wants a light introduction to Moroccan cuisine. There is no real market tour, but there are individual cooking stations and very nice supplies provided for each participant.

Faim D'epices

This Moroccan cooking class has a lot of charm, both in terms of the host-chefs, as well as the nice location, a few minutes from the medina. There is also a fun initial introduction to spices via a blind tasting (that is perhaps trickier than you think). The workstations are good, and the dishes you cook interesting and unique.

Ateliers d’Ailleurs

This Moroccan cooking school offers two courses: “Food and Culture” and “Kitchen Simplissima.” One advantage is that you can ask for whatever main dish you’d like to cook. The other is that tools and cooking equipment are also similar to those that you probably already use, and so you can easily reproduce these recipes at home.