Don't forget the PEEPS™ when planning this year's New Year's Eve celebration. That's right—they're not just for Easter any more.

From December 29-31, PEEPS Fest will be held in the center of historic Bethlehem, PA. Surely destined to rival Burning Man, this celebration of the age-resistant marshmallow treats will feature live music, art, performances, a recipe competition, a 5K run, ice-sculpting, glass-blowing, and a PEEPS diorama competition (with scholastic and corporate divisions!).

At 5:45 on December 31, the event will officially end with fireworks and the ceremonial dropping of a 45-pound PEEPS chick, pictured above.

- For more information and ticketing, please visit ArtsQuest, one of the event's sponsors.

- For delightfully entertaining PEEPS dioramas, unrelated to this event, see this Google Image Search page.

- For baffling facts about PEEPS (for instance, in 1953, it took 27 hours to make each marshmallow bunny), go to Just Born Quality Confections' site.

Ann Shields in an online senior editor at Travel + Leisure.

At top: the 45-pound chick, courtesy of ArtsQuest; bottom: photo detail of last year's grand prize winner, "The Museum of Modern PEEPS" from Northern Lehigh High School.