Split your travel time between volunteerism and sightseeing with Hands Up Holidays’ "Mayans & Mountains" adventure, during which you might build a home for a local family or plant seedlings to help restore logged forests. The group will explore Tikal’s Mayan ruins, hike volcanoes, and experience the lively Sunday markets of Chichicastenango.
Trip Tip: If you’re feeling extra-adventurous, try to make it up to the Mayan ruins of El Mirador. Only accessible by foot, horseback or helicopter these structures are spectacular and virtually untouched by time.
Luxury Level: Travelers stay in four- and five-star hotels that offer everything from private massage services to breathtaking mountain views.

Key Voluntourism: Hands Up Holidays; 44-776/501-3631;; from $3,750 per person for 15-day, all-inclusive tours; December 22-January 5.