Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Become a novice archaeologist on a research mission in the rural village of Ban Non Wat. Excavate areas that were once a part of the Angkor Empire, alongside locals and professional archeologists. Volunteers uncover ancient homes, pottery, and prehistoric skeletons. Nights are spent back at the hotel, feasting on traditional Thai dinners of steamed fish with garlic and basil and green-curry chicken. The trip culminates with an evening boat ride with fellow travelers up the Mun River where you can see waterfalls and the rare hornbill bird.
Trip Tip: Stop by the open-air market and the historic park in the nearby town of Phimai.
Luxury Level: Travelers stay at the Phimai Inn, which has air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.

Key Cultural Immersion, Voluntourism: EarthWatch Institute; 800/776-0188;; 1 week $1,946, 2 weeks $3,146; December and January.