From Nairobi, travel by jeep to Entasekera, a village on the edge of the Naimina Enkiyio forest, where, for centuries, the pastoral Loita Maasai have protected and conserved the Forest of the Lost Child—and relied on it for water and grazing lands. At Entasekera, meet the Maasai team and spend the night before embarking on a five-day walking safari. While travelers don’t carry their luggage (there are donkeys for that), expect arduous trail walks, winding through dense vegetation, swampland, and along cliffs. The payoff: a choral backdrop of croaking turacos, trumpeting elephants, and grunting hippos, spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Natron (a breeding ground for the lesser flamingo), Mount Kilimanjaro, and an intimate glimpse into the culture and traditions of the Maasai.
Trip Tip: Pack a bathing suit for swims in waterholes beneath spectacular, if chilly, falls.
Luxury Level: You’ll set up camp in the forest, sleeping in two-person tents outfitted with comfortable mattresses and bedding. Three meals, as well as snacks and cocktails, are provided daily. Showers are hot, but of the safari-bucket variety.

Key Cultural Immersion: Maasai Trails, 254-20/418-3392;; year-round, six-day safaris from $1,668.