By Ann Shields
June 02, 2011

Sarah Palin was in NYC yesterday, as part of her not-a-campaign bus tour. I doubt that she’s a fan of a city with so few hunting opportunities and so many liberals (yes, there’s a joke waiting to be made right there), but I doubt even she can deny the thrill of being in a city so chockablock with culture and food and people and ideas. Last year’s almost 49 million visitors can’t be wrong.

While ex-Governor Palin’s accommodations have certainly been taken care of (no overnight bus parking, sorry!), you may find the search for a hotel room daunting. Fear not: NYC & Company’s Third Night promotion gets underway on June 27 and runs through September 5. Fifteen big-name hotels, the kind of places that almost never offer discounts, are participating in their Signature Collection promotion.

Stay three nights in one of the luxury properties listed below and only pay for two. If you’ve got a longer visit in mind, the promotion is available in multiples of three nights—stay three, pay for two; stay six, pay for four; stay nine, pay for six, etc.

Come visit the city of Don Draper and Eloise and Jay-Z and J.D. Salinger and Liz Lemon. Come feast at Mario Batali’s table or enjoy a dosa from a streetcart. Stroll through the galleries of the Met or the Modern. Catch a free movie from the lawn in Bryant Park. Take the ferry to Governor’s Island to see the Mark di Suvero sculptures. And spend the night in the kind of hotel you didn’t think you could afford.

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Participating hotels:

Ann Shields is an online senior editor at Travel + Leisure.

Photo: The St. Regis Hotel, courtesy of Starwood Hotels