By Gabrielle Blitz
December 03, 2013

How do you travel better? We're asking a panel of experts to open their little black books for hotel tips and air travel tricks this Wednesday, December 4th from 2-3pm EDT.

Ask our panel of insiders for their expert advice and money-saving tips (like bringing your own water!) during our chat.

The Host:

Amy Farley, News Editor, @TLTripDoctor

The Sponsor:

British Airways, @British_Airways

The Panelists:

Maria LaRosa, Meteorologist at the Weather Channel, @TWCMariaLaRosa

TripAdvisor, @TripAdvisor, @SeatGuru

Jason Clampet, Co-Founder of, @jasonclampet

Joel Zack, A-List Agent, Heritage Tours Private Travel, @HeritageTours

Chris Benz, Designer, @cmbenz

Shane Mitchell, T+L Lifestyle Editor, @shanegoesforth

Melanie Nayer, Digital and Brand Marketer, @chic_travel

How does it work?

1. Log in to Twitter before the chat starts at 2pm ET and be sure to follow @TravlandLeisure.

2. Head over to to follow the chat in real time. You can log-in using your Twitter account.

3. Remember to always add the hashtag #TL_Chat to your tweets—however, if you're in the twubs chatroom it will be added automatically (note for character spacing purposes).

4. We'll pulse out some questions for our expert panel to answer, but feel free to post your own responses. Or ask questions of your own.

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Gabrielle Blitz is the Associate Social Media Editor at Travel + Leisure