By Thrillist .
October 18, 2014

Traveling for free doesn't have to involve couch surfing, dumpster diving, or stowing away in the wheel well of a 747. It doesn't even have to involve credit card fraud.

No, there's a kind of free travel where you enjoy business-class flights, luxury hotel suites, and champagne brunches, all without ever landing on Interpol's most-wanted list or awkwardly pretending to still be asleep while your German host makes toast.

But it isn't necessarily easy. The key lies in collecting points and miles in every possible (legal) way -- a practice known as "travel hacking" -- and it can be a lot of work. If you're willing to invest the time, though, you can pretty much go anywhere without ever spending a dime.

Photo by Thrillist/Flickr/Kristopha Hohn