This Hiking Trail in Malibu Is Absolutely Bursting With Wildflowers Right Now

Spring has sprung in Southern California.

Yellow wildflowers blooming on the Zuma Ridge Trail
Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Keller/@notlulu_

It's finally here. The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping, and the sun is setting at a reasonable hour. Yes, my cheerful friends, it's spring. And you know what that means? Wildflower season is sweeping the nation. And there's no place where that's more evident than in California — specifically, along the Zuma Ridge Trail in Malibu.

The 5.6-mile, out-and-back trail is in the Santa Monica Mountains. It's considered a moderately challenging route by AllTrails due to its length and 1,473-foot elevation gain. According to the hiking website, the route typically takes people an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete. Though, it could take you a bit longer right now, because the route is absolutely bursting with wildflowers to stop and smell along the way.

According to the California Native Plant Society, the trail features large sycamore, oak, willow, and black walnut trees. Hikers will also come across plenty of sage scrub along the route. That plant, the Santa Monica Trail Council website explains, may not be a true sage, but is still aromatic. "Rubbing the leaves in your hands removes any doubt as to why this plant is named California Sagebrush," the website adds.

Other plants you may see on your adventures through the mountains here include Blue Dicks, which range from white to pink to deep blue and bloom from February to May; Yerba Santa, another stunning purple flowering plant that puts on a show from March through June; and Turkish Rugging, a rosy pink bloom that bursts to life from April to July.

"Excellent hike," one recent visitor exclaimed on AllTrails. "Especially around this time of year due to the wildflowers. Breathtaking views after a steep (but manageable) hike."

"Beautiful views, lots of wildflowers. No shade but a decent breeze," another added.

Want to identify all the flowers you spot on your hike? Check out this amazingly in-depth flower finder by the National Parks Service and learn all about the beautiful flora and fauna along your hike.

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