This design turns passengers into 'overhead baggage.'

By Erika Owen
October 07, 2015
Airbus Patent

If you thought this honeycomb-inspired seat design was bad, you haven't seen the half of it. A new patent for an Airbus seating design has been thrown into the ring and it's the kind of thing our flying nightmares are made of. The biggest takeaway is that the plane is separated into two seating levels: an inferior lower section that's topped with an only somewhat-more-appealing row of passengers overhead. A design like this will have you begging for the days that the limited space in the middle seat was your only concern. Let's be real: There's always going to be that passenger that drops something (think: a cold—or steaming hot—complimentary beverage) onto the flyer below.

Airbus Patent

Another diagram (below) also shows the design's ability to turn the airplane cabin into one giant sleepover with double-decker reclining seats. Pro: You get to lie down (and maybe even sleep!) on the way to your destination. Con: There's a complete stranger doing the same thing mere feet above or below you. It's like an even more awkward version of summer camp, if that's possible.

Airbus Patent

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