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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: January 21, 2017
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

From secret spots and bucket-list destinations to life-changing gadgets and booking tips, here's your round-up of need-to-know travel news and daily delights:

The largest cruise ship in the world set sail for the first time this week, hop aboard and take a look inside its impressive passenger suites. [USA Today]

Beer lovers in Belgium are in for a treat; one of the country’s major hubs is getting an underground beer pipeline. [The Independent]

Warm weather may be approaching, but the summit of Mount Washington still looks like a winter wonderland—a scientist recently braved 109 mph winds at New England’s tallest peak.  [Yahoo News]

Serving you your in-flight snacks is peanuts compared to other aspects of a flight attendant’s job. Check out their intense training. [Q13 FOX]

The steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere will give you unprecedented views of New Zealand’s Queenstown.

Ever dream of ditching your corporate job for a life traveling the globe? This guy did it and brought his cat along—meet Willow. [Love Meow]

The East Atlantic Ice Sheet—a massive glacier in the Antarctic Ocean—is melting at an alarming rate. Scientists say it could raise sea level by up to 3 meters.  [Sky News]

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