By Nikki Ekstein
January 14, 2016
© Ivan Nesterov / Alamy Stock Photo

You've heard the horror stories: travelers stranded at the gate—or worse, on the runway—for hours, only to find their flight cancelled just before midnight. Inclement weather is the top culprit for nightmares like these, particularly in January and February, when winter storms abound. And while you can't prevent a blizzard, you can avoid the five domestic routes most likely to see cancellation.

Freebird, a service that helps rebook passengers on cancelled flights, analyzed data from the last ten years and found the following to be the worst five routes (with at least 25 round-trip flights per day) for January and February cancellations.

In short, avoid flying out of LGA or ORD this winter.

1. New York City (LGA) to/from Boston (BOS) — 9.9% chance of cancellation

2. New York City (LGA) to/from Chicago (ORD) — 9.1% chance of cancellation

3. New York City (LGA) to/from Washington, D.C. (DCA) — 8.9% chance of cancellation

4. Chicago (ORD) to/from Washington, D.C. (DCA) — 8.4% chance of cancellation

5. Chicago (ORD) to/from Newark (EWR) — 8.3% chance of cancellation