Why Travel Now
Credit: Sean Fennessy

Been putting off your dream trip? Want to check a few more places off that bucket list? Feel like fleeing the country?

Whatever your reason for traveling may be, now is the perfect time to do it.

Shoulder season is upon us and that means cheaper flights, great deals and less crowded destinations. Not to mention hitting the road is good for your health. In fact, we can’t think of a better time explore the places both near and far—read on for some of the best reasons to book a trip right now.

1.Travel is your chance to be an ambassador to the world

Travel + Leisure Editor in Chief Nathan Lump shares why now, more than ever, travel is important.

2. There are plenty of airfare deals

Airlines are offering tons of post-election deals starting as low as $7.

3. Vacations are proven to relieve stress

We know wanderlust is in your genes but did you know, that vacation is actually really good for your health? Studies suggest it can decrease the risk of heart attack and depression. Plus, it’s proven to boost your sex life and help you lose weight.

4. You’re running out of time to use those remaining vacation days

Americans left 658 million vacation days on the table last year, and while it may be hard to find time to take a vacation, we suggest you use up every last one of them.

5. You can get luxury for less

While most people think staying at a luxury hotel is out of their reach, we’d like to disagree. These cities have the cheapest luxury hotels in the world.

6. Hotels have some seriously cool secret amenities

There are plenty of hidden perks for travelers to find during their hotel stay. From VIP shopping to free access to nearby attractions, these secret perks are something every traveler should know about.

7. There’s still time before the craziness of the holidays

Thanksgiving travel could reach record highs this year—and while we’ve got tips to make it through, it’s probably best to get some R&R before the holiday rush starts.

8. There are some destinations that are actually disappearing

UNESCO recently released a list of famous sites at risk for disappearing due to climate change. Among them: the Statue of Liberty, Galapagos Islands and Venice. If that doesn’t motivate you to hit the road, remember, this is your last chance to see the Northern Lights before they disappear for 10 years. You might also want to hike these glaciers before they’re gone.

9. And other destinations are practically on sale right now

Smart travelers know there are tons of deals to take advantage of in the month before the holidays hit. The Caribbean, India’s Andaman Islands, Rio de Janiero and even the American South are all perfect spots for a winter getaway.