His online campaign went viral.

By Julia Zorthian and Julia Zorthian / Time
April 12, 2016
Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Time.com.

Prince William and Kate Middleton made time during their tour of India for their biggest fan: a 93-year-old cafe owner named Boman Kohinoor.

Kohinoor owns the Britannia & Co. restaurant in Mumbai, which is notable for the royal family paraphernalia it contains—including life-size cardboard cutouts of William and Kate. After a video of Kohinoor asking to meet the couple went viral, they had the British monarchy enthusiast over for an out-of-schedule meeting at their hotel Sunday, the Indian Express reports.

“I told [William and Kate] about the berry pulao and how it’s made using my late wife’s recipe,” he told the Condé Nast Travellerwhich helped make his video go viral by posting it. “I told them: give my love to the Queen, and to [your] children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, too.”