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By Lindsey Campbell
December 01, 2016
Science knows why you aren't getting more out of your free time.
Credit: Getty Images

If you’re one of those people that pencils in every activity for your day in a planner you could be missing out on one of the biggest joys of life: free time. Turns out, attaching a date a time to leisure activities makes them less enjoyable. Looks like spontaneity is key. [Health]

It’s officially December which means winter is basically here. So break out those hats, gloves and skis and get ready for a great cold-weather getaway. These Airbnb rentals will jumpstart your planning. [Sunset]

Has Japan always had a spot on your bucket list? Here’s why you should make that trip now. [Departures]

Having trouble letting go of summer but don’t want to seem like a Grinch? These coastal wreaths will marry your love of the sea with some holiday cheer. [Coastal Living]

If you’re not traveling for the holidays, you’re probably hosting. That means you have a lot of mouths to feed in the near future. Here are some great (and delicious!) breakfast recipes that will feed a crowd. [Southern Living]

If you’re traveling for the holiday—especially multiple places—lugging around multiple formal dresses isn’t exactly carry-on friendly. But, with a little magic styling you can transform one black dress into the perfect outfit for every event. [Real Simple]