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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: January 21, 2017
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Everything you thought you knew about the size of our world is about to change. A new online app, The True Size, shows just how wrong traditional maps that go off the Mercator Projection of the earth—the basis for maps since the 16th-century—actually are. So what exactly is incorrect? The size of each country is completely misrepresented, especially in relation to other countries. When placed on a map the size becomes distorted, causing us to perceive their actual size incorrectly. For example, Greenland looks roughly half the size of Africa but in reality it's only a small fraction of it's size.  [Fast Co.Design]

This summer cool off with a unique frozen treat: black ice cream. The charcoal colored-ice cream is actually made of coconut ashes and is only served at Morgenstern’s in New York City.  [The Luxury Spot]

The smartest travelers of course have their smartphones loaded with apps that are bound to make their adventures even better. Here are 7 (free!) apps no traveler should leave home without. [INC.]

People have tried to smuggle some strange products passed security—they’ve even traveled with some strange animals. But, this guy may just take the cake for the strangest item ever checked: a stick. Yes, just a plain ol’ regular stick (we think!). So, why was this stick checked? Well, the Internet has come up with all sorts of answers. [Telegraph]

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