Credit: Courtesy of ClassPass

ClassPass, the exercise startup that lets you take classes at a variety of gyms in your city, recently announced that the monthly membership fee would soon be raised from $99 to $125 for its New York users. Many immediately took to social media to complain about the price hike. Others, like me, took advantage of the fact that new users could get the $99 rate for two months before the change went into effect.

At $125 (or $99, for that matter), the price of ClassPass is on par with your typical gym membership. But for those with exercise ADD (myself included), who prefer to mix up their workouts as much as possible, there are never-ending options of different types of classes—strength training, rowing, boxing, dancing, the list goes on. And for a less-sweaty lunchtime workout, there’s pilates, yoga, and even classes dedicated to stretching and rejuvenating your muscles.

While the monthly price tag remains hefty, it’s also motivational—the more you work out, the better of a deal you’re getting (especially in a city where classes typically cost $30 each). And I quickly found one great hidden benefit—ClassPass, unlike most gyms, doesn’t charge extra to take classes in different cities. On a recent trip to Philadelphia, I wanted to squeeze in a workout between amazing meals at Stephen Starr’s Serpico and Top Chef winner Kevin Spraga’s Spraga. I looked up morning classes within walking distance of the Rittenhouse Hotel on my ClassPass app (a must-download if you’re a member), and landed on a barre class at Focus Barre & Yoga.

A few reasons I loved the class, aside from the fact that it was a great workout: it was a completely new environment, which motivated me to work harder; it didn’t require sneakers, which hadn’t fit in my weekend bag; and it didn’t cut into my three-class-per-month limit at my favorite barre places in New York. (Okay, I also really liked that it was within walking distance of Federal Donuts.)

ClassPass users—it’s as simple as switching your origin destination on the top right corner of the website. The company is already in major cities that are popular with both business and leisure travelers, such as London, Toronto, and Vegas (full list below), and expanding rapidly.

Where ClassPass operates (and its starting rates in each city)

New York - $125
Los Angeles/Orange County - $99
San Francisco - $99
Boston - $99
Chicago - $99
Washington DC - $99
Miami - $99
Dallas/Fort Worth - $95
Austin - $79
Houston - $79
Atlanta - $79
Philadelphia - $79
Portland - $79
Seattle - $79
Nashville - $79
Denver - $79
Columbus - $79
Charlotte - $79
Minneapolis - $79
Raleigh-Durham - $79
Tampa - $79
Baltimore - $79
St. Louis - $79
Orlando - $79
Kansas City - $79
San Diego - $99
Sacramento - $79
Phoenix - $79
Las Vegas - $79
Toronto - C$89
Vancouver - C$99
London - £79