As the debt crisis in Greece accelerates, here’s how the situation is affecting travelers.

Credit: Milos Bicanski

Banks have shut down
In order to prevent citizens from cashing out their accounts, the government closed all banks and will keep them closed through July 6, on the recommendation of the Bank of Greece. See the full announcement on

But ATMs are open, for now
ATMs currently have a €60 daily withdrawal limit for Greek accounts, but the cap does not apply to foreigners, a measure made to encourage tourism to the country, even amid the current economic struggles. However, finding an ATM with cash could be problematic; people have been lining up all weekend to make transactions. Needless to say, if you’re headed to the archipelago, bring enough cash to cover your expenses. More on

Some shops are only taking cash
Foreign credit and debit cards should be working throughout Greece, but some businesses are currently only accepting cash, as there is no indication of how quickly accounts will be resolved. Read one traveler account on

Public transportation is free
There is one positive thing to come out of the crisis: the bus and subway systems are free and expected to stay that way through July 6. Get the details on

This is a developing story. We will update as more information becomes available.