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Lindsey Campbell
December 05, 2016

If you’re the type that pops out of bed at 5 a.m. you’re likely also one to fall asleep before midnight. You’re also likely to have a friend or family member who couldn’t fathom that as their sleep schedule. Turns out, different sleep patterns can say a lot about your personality—check yours out here. [Real Simple]

The Great Barrier Reef is at serious risk for completely becoming extinct. Wish you could help? This boozy cruise will allow you to cheers on the open seas and give back. [FWX]

It’s no secret this time of year is one of the biggest shopping seasons of all, but even the rush of holiday shopping can’t save struggling malls. These charts show why shopping malls are in trouble. [Fortune]

There are a few things you should shy away from talking about at a dinner party—politics, religion, and money—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk money at work, kind of. When it comes to your career asking for a raise is a natural part of the process. Here’s how to do it without being awkward. [Money]

Have a beach-lover on your holiday list? Give them a sense of the sea with this beach-inspired gift-wrap. [Coastal Living]

Traveling for the holidays? You don’t want to be an ungrateful guest. These hostess gifts will ensure you’re invited back year after year. [Southern Living]

If you need a little style inspiration this holiday season, Departures has you covered. This shortlist of new and notable styles for men and women is sure to impress. [Departures]

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