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By Lindsey Campbell
June 29, 2016
airline luggage in rows
Credit: Getty Images

A lot of thought goes into your luggage when you head out on vacation: what to pack, how to pack it, carry it on or check it. But, once you get to the airport have you ever thought of the journey your bag takes to get to your final destination? Here, take a look at what happens after you set those suitcases down and check them in. [Time]

One of the best parts of Fourth of July weekend—besides the delicious cookouts, of course—is enjoying all the amazing fireworks shows around the world. But, documenting those moments with photos can prove to be difficult. Follow these tips for taking flawless photos of fireworks that will be the envy of all your friends’ social feeds. [Matador Network]

Looking for some family fun on your next Asia-bound vacation? Trip Advisor named Singapore’s Universal Studios the top Amusement park in Asia—see the full list here. [Channel News Asia]

It’s no secret subways are breeding grounds for bacteria. Germ-laden polls and seats can leave a traveler grasping for the nearest hand sanitizer. But, not to worry, it’s not nearly as harmful as you may think. [Time]

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