What This Week Will Bring for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologist: May 2–8, 2021

Here are personal energy signatures to keep in mind for every sign.

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The beginning of this week will start with a desire to work, work, work. As we head into this waning moon phase, you may notice that you have the urge to put the finishing touches on everything you started earlier in the month during the New Moon in Aries.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the moon will be passing by Saturn in Aquarius once again during her monthly trip around the signs, and with that will come emotional pressure. The feeling to do something different, to do it the best, and that you have lessons to learn, work to do, and the feeling that someone is measuring your progress may make you emotionally volatile, without any help from the more sweet nature of Venus (since she's squaring this group).

What this means for you is that you may find things difficult to manifest, to get work done to your standards, and just when you try to focus on finishing projects, obstacles will keep mounting. Slow down, take a breath, and do your best to focus your mind—with Mercury moving into Gemini your thoughts could be going haywire. This might be a time to remember your meditation practice! Especially starting Thursday.

You may notice your physical energy beginning to slow down, especially towards the last few days (Thursday and Friday) of this week. With the moon moving into dreamy Pisces, everyone will feel the pull towards retreating, resting, and contemplating how this week has gone. The key with water is to slow down—take a break if you can.

Don't worry if you don't like to go slow, as it will only help you! Why? On Saturday the moon will shift into Aries, and that energy will spike hard! Take advantage of it to move your body and release what you don't want to hold on to energetically through sweat—a great workout, perhaps. This will benefit you during the New Moon in Taurus the following week, which will bring you right back down to earth.

Personal energy signatures to keep in mind:


The urge to both reprimand and uplift your friends this week may leave them feeling confused, with you focusing all your energy on home and personal matters. Add to that the need to really feel like you're working hard, and you might get worried that your fire will be stomped out. As long as you create a goal (and a competition) for yourself, you'll find a reason to push through.


In the beginning of the week, there will be a lot of emotions around work and meeting standards. You'll have the desire to break out of the humdrum that you've created and expand your horizons, but not too far—just enough to fulfill your desire to see more of the world.


You'll be feeling pressure around esoteric things—everything will feel very intense and like life or death. There may be a desire to finally teach some of what you have learned, so that others don't fall into the same patterns/mistakes that you have witnessed them move through in the past. Just make sure you aren't codependently trying to fix things for them.


There is a boost of extra energy to start this week, as through the entire month of May. It comes with an urge to move your body, but with the feeling like you want support from others to do it. The feeling that this is a very crucial time will pervade the energy of the week. Take the lessons you can from it, and use it to expand.


You may start the week with difficulty in intimate/romantic relationships, wanting the spotlight and attention, but also feeling emotional about how you take care of yourself versus others. You may find some energy being drawn towards things beyond the human experience, and benefit from being willing to face difficulties head on.


This week will start with you feeling a little feisty towards friend groups that don't seem to value perfection as much as you do, with extra pressure to work hard and get it right for yourself as an example. Follow the thoughts that lead beyond the mundane into a greater awareness of why you are doing the work in the first place. Don't lose sight of the big picture by getting lost in the details.


To work or to play? Lessons are coming in from both directions, perhaps leaving you wanting to escape through one or the other, or feeling overwhelmed and like there is no way out. If you put your energy towards creating a game plan, with concrete steps, you will find that you are more satisfied overall.


Family brings extra challenges during the beginning of this week, whether it's family of origin or in your own home, because what you want for your intimate relationships (and yourself) will seem at odds with what's great for the group.


Your brain is on hyperdrive, both emotionally and habitually, and dreaming of the future. Make sure you don't overcommit in your enthusiasm, and that you don't avoid the work because it's difficult or boring.


All your hard efforts might be challenged this week—your emotions are focused on your current income, managing your assets, and getting the most growth to happen. There is very good potential this week for growth, if you don't avoid the tough conversations about responsibility with others in your life.


You might find the tension between taking care of your own needs versus those of your family to be a bit tricky to navigate. Your emotions may feel disconnected from what is happening in reality, and at the same time your mental world will be heavily pulled towards the collective consciousness.


Friends will be a source of comfort and connection at the beginning of this week, while your thoughts run haywire and life in general feels uncomfortable. You may at times rocket between the highest highs and lowest lows, especially if you're in tune with otherworldly things.

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