By Andrea Romano
May 06, 2019
9:14pm CDT #SPC Day1 Outlook Slight Risk: from west texas into central kansas and southeast nebraska
| Credit: NOAA

Severe weather including tornadoes, hail, wind, and storms is expected to hit the central U.S. this week.

According to Accuweather, some tornadoes began on Friday throughout Texas, including in Harris County and Eagle Lake, and near Flatonia and La Grange. Severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings were also issued for areas around Houston.

At least 20 tornadoes have been reported between Texas and Nebraska since Sunday, according to ABC Newsand the central U.S., including the Plains, Midwest, and parts of the South, likely haven’t seen the last of it.

Credit: NOAA

According to the Weather Channel, certain regions of the central U.S. can expect severe weather on specific days throughout the week. South and west Texas, southeastern Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and western and central Missouri should expect severe weather, including flash floods, throughout Monday.

On Tuesday, Kansas, western Oklahoma, and western Texas should prepare for storms and severe weather, including potentially damaging hail and tornadoes in the Panhandle.

Central and eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, northwestern Louisiana, and even parts of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley could see large hail, tornadoes, wind, heavy rain, and floods on Wednesday, the Weather Channel reported. Central Texas and Oklahoma have the greatest risk of seeing supercell thunderstorms.

Thursday’s forecast predicts more severe weather as the storm system pushes east into the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, and eastern Texas, though it is too early to call what could be expected, according to the Weather Channel.

The central and southern U.S. has already had its fair share of extreme weather this past month, with a severe storm system that brought heavy rain, hail, isolated tornadoes, and flooding from eastern Texas to the lower Mississippi Valley earlier in April.

Flights in Dallas, Houston, and Denver have been affected by the weather, according to Flight Aware. Anyone traveling during the next few days should keep an eye out for cancelations or delays of their flights.