Getting ahold of a clear night sky is a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you have to get away from all of that pesky light pollution — pretty much any city with a handful of tall buildings or street lights is going to mess up your chances of seeing a sky full of stars.

We're sending some major "thank you" vibes to Christian Mülhauser, a videographer who put together some 360-degree footage of night skies around Switzerland for us all to enjoy. Hey, sometimes you just need a moment to stare off into the universe despite the sun's cycle or weather conditions.

His video, titled "Helvetia By Night," is interactive; you can drag the video screen to take in different views of the landscapes. Each location features a different Swiss Mountain. (See? There's even an educational angle here.)

According to Mülhauser's Vimeo page, he used four different mirror reflex cameras to capture the footage, which amounted to more than 55,000 photos. He shares that the footage was gathered between June and September 2016, making for a wide range of scenery, depending on the weather.

While it is best to take in this video with a VR headset, it's still fun to mess around with on a desktop computer or smart phone. Check it out above.