waterfall reverse ophelia hurricane storm
Credit: Getty Images/Perspectives

Although Ophelia was not the most destructive hurricane of the season, the storm has set records in more ways than one.

As the 10th consecutive storm to be named a hurricane this season, it tied an alarming hurricane record that had last been set in the late 1800s. Then, instead of fizzling out at sea as predicted, Ophelia strengthened and set a rare course for England, Ireland, and Norway, brushing over the Azores along the way. It became the eastermost major Atlantic hurricane on record.

To top it all off, when the heavy winds (which reached 15 miles per hour) and rain of Ophelia made landfall in the U.K., the hurricane caused another unique phenomenon: it caused a waterfall to run upside-down.

In a video shared by Twitter user Jonty Wilson, a small waterfall can be seen blowing upwards towards the sky in Mallerstang, in the country of Cumbria in England. After a few seconds of strong gusts, the winds die down for a moment, allowing the waterfall to begin flowing regularly at the end of the video. Although something like this isn’t completely unheard of, combine it with the rarity of a hurricane hitting the U.K. in the first place and you have one of the most intriguing weather videos we’ve seen in quite some time.

Unfortunately, Ophelia ultimately resulted in three deaths in Ireland and indirectly in 45 deaths on the Iberian peninsula when its winds fanned wildfires in Portugal and Spain.