Polar Vortex Is Coming
Credit: Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

We all know winter is coming, and the frigid temperatures that the end-of-year season is so known for are about to hit the United States.

Up until now, Hawaii has seen more snow than most of the contiguous 48.

The Washington Post reports, “a punishing blast of Arctic air will plunge into the northern half of the Lower 48 in five to seven days, dispensing some of the most frigid air since 2014 or 2015 in some areas.”

In January 2014, a record-breaking Polar Vortex passed through the U.S. bringing with it subzero wind chill temperatures.

We're already off to a better start than 2014's deep freeze considering there's no real snow accumulation on the ground. The cold spell kicked off Thursday morning in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota—some of which experienced temperatures below zero already. It's going to spread east, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Ryan Adamson, hitting the Great Lakes region Thursday and Friday and the Northeast over the weekend.

“Chicago will be lucky to reach 25 F on Friday and Saturday,” Adamson said. “Boston will struggle to reach freezing for a high this weekend, while New York City may not reach 40 F.”

All of this doesn't mean you shouldn't dig out those winter coats just in case—cozy is always better.