pacific northwest usa northern lights aurora borealis seattle
Credit: Getty Images

On Tuesday evening, October 24, the Pacific Northwest could get a very rare glimpse of the Northern Lights.

According to NBC, the Northern Lights could make an appearance in the evening and into the early hours of Wednesday morning thanks to a rather large Geomagnetic Storm that is hurtling toward Earth. But don’t worry, this storm is harmless to humans. In fact, the only thing it can bring with it is a brilliant nighttime show.

This particular storm, the Space Weather Prediction Center says, is somewhere between a has us a G1 and a G2 stage, putting places as far south as Seattle in the minor to moderate zone for aurora viewing capabilities. Those farther north in Alaska will get a prime viewing experience this evening through Thursday, according to the Alaska Geophysical Institute.

The only thing standing in Seattle’s way of viewing the Aurora may be a small storm system making its way south from British Columbia. As NBC reported, the storm is likely to stay north in B.C. however it could bring increasing clouds early Wednesday and eventually some showers Wednesday afternoon.

But, if things stay clear there is hope. To increase your chances of spotting the Northern Lights it’s best to head out of the city and away from any light pollution. Once you find the perfect pitch-black location all you can do is sit back and wait. And hey, even if you don’t spot the auroras you’ll at least get to check out some prime stargazing while you’re there.

And if you’re really, really bound and determined to see the Northern Lights we suggest booking a trip to Iceland, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Greenland or Norway.