Iceland Engagement Photo
Credit: Getty Images

Getting engaged is exciting for any couple, but popping the question in Iceland with a background of the Northern Lights? Now, that's enough to get complete strangers excited.

Photographer Dale Sharpe asked his girlfriend Karlie Russell (who is also a photographer) to be his wife while the Aurora Borealis danced behind them. The best part of the story? This wasn't the first time he's tried to plan this.

Given the Northern Lights' elusive nature—some people travel great lengths to see them, eventually heading home without a spotting—it's impressive that they showed up for both of Sharpe's attempts. In a Facebook post on the Australian couple's photography account, they explain a little bit of their engagement story, including the first time around when Russell accidentally threw away the engagement ring Sharpe had so carefully hidden.

The Northern Lights are notoriously hard to capture on camera, so it makes sense that it took two professional photographers to do it right. As mentioned in the Facebook post, Sharpe used a torch to light up their silhouettes, disguising his plan as a selfie opportunity.

You can check out more of the couple's stunning photography on their Facebook page.