By Erika Owen
Updated: December 02, 2016

The prospect of missing a flight brings out super powers in many a determined traveler, but this is one teen who really earned his airplane seat.

Eighteen-year-old Jackson Lidgard lives on the South Island of New Zealand with his family. After a recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake, the family found themselves trapped by rubble and other damage caused by the quake.

Lidgard had a flight to catch, and getting there was far worse than any botched transportation plans you can imagine. He spent two hours biking the 15 miles through the rubble to catch his flight to Christchurch.

Lidgard was on his way to judge an electric vehicle competition, and told Mashable that “cancelling was just not an option.”

He recorded his heroic journey along the Kaikoura coast to the airport. Meanwhile, his family was airlifted to safety via helicopter.