As Hurricane Irma moved across the Caribbean this week, it left a trail of devastation. The storm was one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic. In its wake, Hurricane Irma has so far killed at least 23 people and left thousands without homes, electricity and running water.

Those looking to aid in disaster relief on the affected Caribbean islands can send financial support, goods or volunteer their time with these organizations.

Volunteer in Dollars

UNICEF has estimated that 10.5 million children — 3 million under the age of five — will have been displaced by Hurricane Irma. The organization aims to provide drinking water, sanitation, protection and psychological support to the families and children impacted by the storm.

ConPRmetidos is a local non-profit that will donate supplies and aid to the areas of Puerto Rico which are in most desperate need of help.

Convoy of Hope is bringing supplies to displaced children in Haiti.

Oxfam is on the ground in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, providing displaced families with sanitation facilities and running water.

Save the Children will work to bring supplies and aid to children affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida and the Caribbean.

Americares is a nonprofit focused on providing medicine and health supplies, particularly now to those who have been impacted or displaced by the storm in the U.S., Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other nations throughout the Caribbean.

Missing Maps works to add areas of the world affected by disaster to global map databases. Donations to the organization ensure that relief efforts have the information to get supplies and volunteers to the areas that need them most.

Volunteer in Supplies

Find a local supply drop in your town that’s organizing for relief efforts. A Salvation Army or local food banks are generally good places to send supplies like bottles of water, toilet paper or tools.

Volunteer in Person

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is seeking volunteers in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The American Red Cross is preparing and training volunteers to aid in disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Volunteers are still also needed to assist in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

LifeSouth in Florida put out a call for blood donations ahead of the storm’s touchdown in Florida.