By Stacey Leasca
October 10, 2019

A potentially historic snowstorm is bringing winter a little early to a large swath of the United States. The snowstorm is so impressive that The Weather Channel gave it a name: Winter Storm Aubrey.

NOAA Geo-Color Map
Credit: NOAA

According to USA Today, North and South Dakota were hit with blizzard conditions on Thursday and parts of Montana have already seen up to a foot of fresh snow. The storm is also expected to drop snow on Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. The storm actually already made history when Spokane International Airport recorded 3.3 inches of snow on Tuesday, breaking a 40-year record.

But that’s not all. Beyond the snow, temperatures will also dramatically fall by more than 50 degrees in some areas in under 24 hours. That includes places like Cheyenne, Wyoming, which will see temperatures fall from the low 80s to the 20s throughout Thursday.

It's going to be really cold out there, and a spectacular winter storm for early October, much earlier than normal," AccuWeather meteorologist Geoff Cornish told USA Today. "Nasty winds are going to be buffeting the Northern Plains on the backside of this storm."

The storm, NBC added, is expected to stick around the Northern Plains well into the weekend. said "dangerous blizzard conditions" are expected in the region well into next week.

Though a bit of early winter snow sounds fun, it’s important to remember this system comes with other dangerous conditions, including wind gusts of 40-50 mph or more. Those winds, The Weather Channel reported, could down trees and power lines, and cause power outages in many areas.

Travelers are warned to stay off the roads and to expect airport delays well into next week. Those with plans to travel through the region should check in with their accommodations. And anyone with connections through the area should check in with their airline before heading to the airport.