By Cailey Rizzo
August 11, 2016
Man lies in the sun in NYC.
Credit: Kena Betancur/Getty Images

The eastern United States is in the midst of a heat advisory, with temperatures in the high 90s and humidity that makes it feel higher than 100°F.

Meanwhile, people in Northern Europe are bundling up: Cities in Sweden and Germany are setting records for some of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in August.

If ridiculous heat that recreates the feeling of being inside a mouth is not your thing, maybe it's time for an impromptu spontaneous getaway.

Snow was reported in Åre, Sweden, on Wednesday. The northern city’s high elevation makes it one of the country’s most popular ski resorts and some there are already proclaiming the early arrival of ski season. It was the coldest August day on record for Sweden’s southwest coast.

Sounding pretty nice right about now, isn't it?

A little further south, Germany’s Saxony region just set a record for a low of 34°F. (Last year, the country was setting records for hottest temperatures, and Bavaria’s lowest temperature was 72°F.)

Temperatures in Germany are expected to warm up over the weekend and climb back to the low 80s. However, Sweden is going to stay cold at least through next week—then it may warm up to reach the mid-60s.

Meanwhile stateside, everybody on the East Coast is miserable and sweating and there's no relief coming in the near future. Over the weekend, humidity is expected to make it feel warmer than 100°F, with temperatures almost 15°F warmer than average.